Embroidery File Format For Machines

Embroidery is still the most popular and most used decorating idea now. There are a lot of techniques and types of embroidery available. The embroidery file format is the format that is used in the embroidery machine during the embroidery process. There are many file formats available for various embroidery machines. Find almost all types of embroidery design formats for your machine from our embroidery design shop page.

What Is The Embroidery File Format?

The embroidery file format is a digital file format that is used in computerized embroidery machines. There are two types of embroidery available hand embroidery and machine embroidery. In hand embroidery, there’s no need for any file format. It’s a complete manual and handicraft process. But the computerized embroidery is something different from hand embroidery. It’s a completely digital process and needs digital design files to be embroidered in the machine. For that, we need to use a design file format that is the main key for the machine. There is a lot of file formats available that are used in the machine. Most of them are created by unique machines. Various embroidery machine companies use unique design file formats for their embroidery machines.

Embroidery File Format

But there are some common embroidery formats available that are being used in multiple machine brands. Like DST is the most used and the most common digitizing file format for embroidery. Multiple companies accept this DST file format in their machine. So, They can easily read these common designs. But the rest of the brands use their own file format for their machine. Like PES for Brother, JEF for Jamone, EXP for Melco, etc.

How To Get Designs for Embroidery Machine?

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